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Multi-Master Oscillators

The standard of oscillating power tool excellence.

The FEIN MultiMaster has proven itself in million of cases worldwide over almost 50 years and satisfies the most demanding requirements. It is equipped with everything needed to make everyday tough jobs easier, safer and better. It also offers superior quality, load handling and maximum service life. Thanks to its innovative anti-vibration technology, it is smoother running, more powerful and quieter than its predecessor and gives you access to the entire range of Starlock and Starlock Plus accessories. Original FEIN multi-tools are the no.1 choice among oscillating power tools for interior construction and renovation.

* Suited to Starlock and Starlock Plus accessories.

  Corded Cordless
Power consumption (W)
Oscillations (rpm)
10,000 - 19,500
11,000 - 18,500
Tool mounting
Weight according to EPTA
Starlock Plus
Starlock Plus
Battery voltage (V)
Battery capacity (Ah)
2,5 or 5,0
Cable length 5


Multi-Master Applications

Interior fittings

Saw wooden and metal materials, cut cable ducts, trim and alter plasterboard.

Baseboard cutting

Replace defective tile joints, sand tiled edges, remove elastic materials e.g. adhesive residues, paints.


Sand in cramped spaces and grooves.
Low noise and virtually no vibration.

Windows and doors

Remove glass, putty and stubborn signs of weathering, sand even tight spages e.g. the slats of shutters.

Hobby & home projects

File, cut, lay foundations and sharpen tools.

Boat renovating

Remove deck sealing materials quickly, saw and file small recesses, and sand effortlessly in every corner and on edges.

Plank Deck Renovating

Reduce the time taken to replace plank decks by up to 80%.

Floor covering

Remove old floor coverings, cut parquet or laminated flooring, undercutting boards and door frames.

Corded Model - FMM350 QSL Video

Technical Data

Technical Data

Power consumption 350 Watts
Weight according to EPTA
1.4 kg
Cable with plug
Sanding pad, corner to corner
5 m
80 mm
Tool mount
Tool change
Starlock Plus
FEIN Multi-Master corded oscillator FMM350 QSL QuickStart

Self-supporting motor with full separation from the housing reduces vibration up to 70%.

Motor with high copper content for maximum output, perfect for continuous use and overload.

Starlock tool mounting - 35% faster cutting performance from the NEW Starlock 3D accessory mounting.

Cordless Model - AFMM18 QSL

The high performance, cordless universal system for interior
construction and renovation with QuickIN and accessories for a wide range of applications.

Technical Data

Battery voltage 18 V
Battery capacity
Weight incl. battery
2,5 or 5,0
1.8 kg
Tool mount
Tool change
Starlock Plus
2 x 1,7
Sanding pad, corner to
80 mm

FEIN Multi-Master cordless oscillator AFMM 18 QSL

High-performance 18 V li-ion batteries with SafetyCell technology. Perfect protection against overload, overheating and total discharge. Charge indicator on each battery.

DC motor: proven technology. Small size, effective and powerful.

Self-supporting motor with full separation from the housing reduces vibration up to 70%.

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“ Quality, precision and reliability – that’s how I see the original. ”

Tobias Abele, carpenter and restorer

“ Out of conviction, I only work with the original ”

Josche Frankenberger, prop maker and furniture designer

Reviews from What Tradies Want Magazine

Sure there's other brands out there who make multi tools, but the FEIN Multi-Master is a definite standout and worth having kept separate in its own special case. I give it the massive thumbs up!"

Tested by Matty Page, What Tradies Want Magazine

Tool Reviews & News by Professional Tradesmen

“When I first saw the new Starlock blade system at a trade show I was really impressed. What impresses me the most is the opportunity to develop new tools with greater power and new blades for high demand applications.”

Todd Fratzel, Tool Box Buzz

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